CKD/SKD import decreases 33.51pc to $506.930mln in 4 months

ISLAMABAD: The import of completely and semi-knocked down (CKD/SKD) products into the country witnessed a decrease of 33.51 per cent during the first four months of the current fiscal year (2022-23) as compared to the corresponding period of last year.

Pakistan imported CKD/SKD products worth $506.930 million during July-October (2022-23) as compared to the imports of $760.417 million from July-October (2021-22), according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Among the CKD/SKD products, the import of buses, trucks and other heavy vehicles went down by 39.78 per cent from $219.183 million last year to $131.991 million during the months under review while the imports of motor cars also dipped by 31.55 per cent from $ 519.687 million to $355.741 million.

In addition, the import of motorcycles witnessed negative growth of 18.47 per cent from $23.547 million to $19.197 million.

Meanwhile, on a year-on-year basis, CKD/SKD imports into the country during October 2022 decreased by 8.91 per cent, from $174.920 million in October 2021 to $159.331 million.

The import of buses, trucks, other heavy vehicles and motor cars also declined by 12.25 and 7.88 per cent respectively in October 2022.

However, the import of motorcycles witnessed an increase of 5.10 per cent.

On a monthly basis, CKD/SKD imports during October 2022 surge by 21.32 per cent when compared to the imports of $131.331 million in September 2022.

The import of buses, trucks and other heavy vehicles witnessed an increase of 33.85 per cent whereas the import of motor cars and motorcycles during October 2022 also increased by 12.47, 212.79 per cent.


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