Quilts business witnesses boom as cold wave persists across country

ISLAMABAD: As the cold wave persists across the country owing to the recent rains, the business of hand-made, machine-made quilts and blankets have gained a momentum in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The shopkeepers have displayed attractive varieties of quilts and blankets in different price ranges to attract the inhabitants as winter is the best business season for the quilt and blanket sellers.

Talking to APP, Saeed Khan, a quilt seller at Karachi Company said that winter season is always a blessing for the quilt and blanket sellers as it gives us the opportunity to earn handsome amount through selling these items.

He said that every year the demand of quilts and blankets increases after the first rain spell of the season. Keeping in view the situation we have already kept enough stock to meet the demand of the customers. “In winter, we work hard to earn breads for the rest of the year,” he said.

Sadia Bibi, a buyer while talking to APP said that few years back we used to make traditional cotton filled quilts at home for winter but now we are purchasing polyester quilts and imported blankets due to their affordability and light weight.

She said that although these polyester quilts and imported blankets are not long lasting and comfortable but they are easy to handle and occupy less space to store which is a big attraction for us.

Khalid Hussain, a seller at Aabpara Market, told that the prices of quilts and blankets have significantly increased during the last few years due to the overall inflation but still there is a great demand of these items and we are hoping to earn handsome money in the season.

He said that nowadays I am selling about two to four quilts or blankets a days but during the peak season, the sale of these items goes up to 10 to 15 a day.

Samandar Khan, a traditional quilt maker from a local market, while talking to APP said, few years back winter was the peak business time for us as people used to prepare handmade cotton filled quilts for the season.

“We used to sew at least four to five quilts a day during winter which now has come down to one or two on average. Now people prefer polyester quilts and imported blankets and we have to think of alternative professions in the future for our survival,” he added.

Arif Ahmed who was buying quilts and blankets for her daughter’s wedding was of the view that earlier women used to made homemade quilts for weddings but the new generation doesn’t like those quilts and now we are compelled to buy polyester quilts and imported blankets for my daughter’s wedding.

He said that although these quilts and blankets are colorful and attractive but many families now were returning to traditional quilts due to the durability and comfort of those quilts.


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