PTI chief determined to to lead ‘Azadi March’ despite threats to life: Musarat Cheema

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan is determined to lead the “Haqeeqi Azadi” March despite being injured and severe threats to his life as he does want to leave the country at the mercy of “thieves.”

Spokesperson to Punjab Chief Minister Musarat Jamshed Cheema stated during media talk here on Thursday.

She said that the masses would reach Rawalpindi on Saturday for the real Azadi March, saying the “imported government” was already trembling. “The thieves want to save their power by converting Islamabad into a container city, but the power of the people is stronger than a few containers and the victory is always of the people.”

Musarat Chhema regretted that the biggest thief and fugitive of Pakistan was being consulted on important national issues which was unfair. “Imran Khan is the most popular leader of Pakistan and if necessary, Imran Khan will discuss this matter with the President of Pakistan and inform him about the plan of action,” she asserted. It was being objected that the President cannot consult the PTI chairman on any constitutional appointment, but on the other hand, the Prime Minister can consult the fugitive criminal Nawaz Sharif in violation of the Pakistan Secret Act,” she lamented.

Later, talking to the media on the occasion of participating in the signature campaign to provide justice to the family of slain journalist Arshad Sharif organized by the PFUJ at Lahore Press Club, Musarat Cheema said that after Arshad Sharif, more dead bodies should not be picked up. We should raise our voices against this brutal murder, she stressed. The PFUJ is requested to bring this case to its logical conclusion by involving international journalistic organizations, she stressed.

The spokesperson suggested that the murder of Arshad Sharif was not the first killing in Pakistan, “but we should make it the last murder.” We must fight together to bring justice to our martyred brother, she said and demanded that the postmortem report of Arshad Sharif should be given to his family. The plaintiff in the murder case is Arshad Sharif’s family, which is very important to satisfy, concluded Ms Cheema.



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