Taiwan and Palestine

China’s claim on Taiwan carries a certain wisdom. Colonialism by Western powers has wreaked havoc across Asia, Africa and the Arabian peninsula. Taiwan would do well to study the example of Palestine rather than siding with the very elements that have been oppressors and occupiers.

The Middle East was one continent for Arabs. When the warmongering Europeans arrived there, they carved out regions to conquer, pitting the Arabs against their own brethren. Western weapons were sold to Arab countries, making the West richer. The past colonisers may have left, but they made sure they planted their own kind in enough numbers to continue their work; work that involves killing people and stealing natural resources.

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The Arabs have been fighting the colonialists for over a hundred years now. Israel has been pumped up with weapons by the past colonialists to continue their attacks on Palestinians, the indigenous people. The war is against the Arab freedom-fighters, not the Arabs who have sided with the colonialists.

For Taiwan, here is a lesson to learn. Siding with Americans/Europeans will lead to years of bloodshed, displacement and poverty. The same thing happened in the Far East where Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia represented one country, but had to be divided so that the West may enjoy the riches. Only recently, Malaysia and Indonesia were able to resolve their long-running border disputes peacefully.

The resource-rich continent of Africa continues to have its valuable resources stolen by the Europeans. Colonialists continue to divide the Africans along ethnic lines and then watch as they attack each other. In the meantime, the Europeans run away with diamonds and other precious minerals.

China is a peaceful country. It is a great superpower, unlike other superpowers that lie, attack, invade, steal and abuse indigenous populations. China has done nothing of the sort. In fact, the Chinese business ethics is something to admire.

China is a country with a history of tolerance and respect. It would be great if Taiwan sees the light of reason and responds favourably to China.

No one wants a war, especially a war that might be drummed up by the West just because it cannot digest the fact that China is better at just about everything.

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