Recognising Israel

Rumors are rife that Pakistan and Indonesia are participating in peace talks with Israel, which, if true, is nothing but a step in the direction of recognising Israel. This stems from age-old move of the two-state theory i.e., Gaza and the West Bank make Palestine, and the rest is Israel.

Even if this proposition is acceptable to the Palestinians — and it might well be for the sake of peace and to end their decades of suffering — Pakistan should not recognise Israel.

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There is a reason for this suggestion. This should be based on the principle that our Quaid has left for us. The Quaid-i-Azam called Israel “an illegitimate child of the West”. Recognising it would amount to recognising illegal occupation, oppression, tyranny and ruthlessness. The entire land belonged to Palestinians prior to 1948. It should be returned to them.

Moreover, recognising it would mean letting them into Pakistan. Knowing their subversive activities and covert operations, it would be too risky for Pakistan. I hope the rumours are just that; rumours.



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