Traumatic monsoon

Despite being rich in natural resources, the woes of the people of Balochistan continue unabated. The monsoon rains that started in July have caused widespread destruction, claiming human lives and leaving thousands homeless. Major highways, including the Quetta-Karachi highway, have been damaged and many bridges connecting major cities have been broken and washed away.

Washuk and Lasbela districts are among the most affected areas where people are is a desperate need of emergency relief of every possible kind. Thousands of people are facing shortage of food and drinking water. Diseases, from diarrhoea to malaria, have spread widely, and the situation is getting worse by the day.

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The devastating monsoons this year has affected the agriculture sector badly, with more than 200,000 acres of agriculture land having suffered a huge loss. The production of dates and other seasonal crops looks like a distant dream right now.

The federal government should ensure that the relief grants do reach all the affectees, and the rebuilding process gets started on the required scale without delay.



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