Water shortage in Karachi

It is a pity that Karachi, which generates huge revenue for the nation, remains deprived of water, which, despite being an essential commodity, is commercially sold by the notorious tanker mafia.

The artificial shortage and illegal sale of water by the mafia has been going on for years. I wonder for how many more years the residents will have to purchase water for their daily use. The illegal hydrants and tankers owned by high-ranking officials are operating openly across the city, and cleverly evading millions of rupees in taxes. On the other hand, the residents have to pay water bills every month despite having to purchase water for themselves.

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Due to the recent rains, water in the hub dam has touched the peak level, but it is of no use to the people of Karachi because it is not being supplied to the city except for a few areas. Millions of people suffer from the illegal practice carried out by the tanker mafia. The need of the hour is to develop or design a comprehensive strategy to end this artificial water shortage. The government is bound to provide the necessities of life to the masses. It must address the problem before the mounting anger spills over.



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