Pakistan’s training session called-off in Sri Lanka due to curfew

The situation in Sri Lanka has been deteriorating ever since the ongoing political situation overtook the country’s affairs and as a result, social instability also came to light as a bi-product.

However, cricketing nations are trying their utmost best to uphold their values by helping those in need; first, it was Australia’s turn to travel to Sri Lanka and play in front of their home crowd and now it’s Pakistan’s.

Despite the gallant efforts, the nation is still struggling as Pakistan’s upcoming training session for tomorrow has been cancelled due to a scheduled curfew in Colombo.

The session was scheduled to take place at P. Sara Oval, but the people of Sri Lanka will be protesting against the government on the streets due to the economic crisis.

The media in Sri Lanka also reported incidents of police using water cannons and tear gas to disperse a student protest. Experts claim that the situation can escalate at any time, which is why Pakistan’s team practice has been cancelled to avoid any potential threats.

It is also reported that over the weekend, a sizeable protest is anticipated within the country, which is bound to create a disturbance.


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