Accidents in Balochistan

Balochistan is the impoverished province of Pakistan where accident is more common according to a report more than hundred people die in accident every year due to narrow highways and poor safety too in Balochistan.

Similarly, if we see more than 275 people lost their lives and more than 16,000 were injured in accidents on  Balochistan’s major highways since october 2019.

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It is an unbearable pain for us where our brothers and sisters are being victims of accidents every day, but the government of Balochistan is still not taking any actions against road accidents in Balochistan. If the government does not work on road accidents then Balochistan’s residents will continue to suffer more and more with every passing day.

To conclude, I humbly request the government of Balochistan to work on Balochistan’s highways to curb the rise in road accidents as soon as possible so that the precious lives of the residents be protected in future.



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