The curse of child marriage

A child is considered to be fit for marriage after he/she has been ascertained to be mature but the maturity identification is taken as at it worst in Pakistan. Maturity has just been taken subject to physical reproductive abilities. But in real, mental changes and cognitive capabilities are more of important key players upon the road to adulthood. Secondly, deep-rooted customs and rituals are ignition to this issue. A girl is always perceived to be guest of her parents house and is prepared every second for her actual home. Fear of sexual adults and Pre-martial pregnancies are made reason for immediate marriage and safe transfer of wrongly perceived pride and honour. Financial burden of daughter being in home is also a major reason for the parents drive to get their daughter married as soon as possible ignoring the long term consequences.

Early marriage has extremely adverse effects upon the health of young girls. Early pregnancies lead to higher chances of unhealthy and unfit babies along with severe life threatening issues for young mothers. A teen girl is snatched off her childhood and is handed with responsibilities of other lives at such a sensitive stage when she herself needs support of her parents. She loses her right of education and self-development due to excessive and illegitimate burden of chores and slavery of a male and his family members. All of this crushes her under the heaviest loads of her life all at single lapse of time. This also implies to young boys, when they themselves are not economically independent, additional weight of her new wife and babies make them fall in cage of problems. This also leads to domestic violence out of frustration by him and eventually disturbed home environment.

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The impacts of this issue are also broadened to societal level, youngsters and more in number in Pakistan and early marriages prevent them for adding their part towards the advancement of society thus making a huge portion of society to be only consumers but not producers of resources.



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