Sindh needs water

Sindh is facing a water crisis. Experts have warned that it may run out of water completely if not taken into action immediately. Due to severe fervour, rain is also least expected in the province.

As a major part of Sindh’s economy depends on agriculture, and because of water shortage, farmers are dealing with many obstacles. This issue not only challenges farmers economically but also causes them mental trauma and agony. Farmers are hopeless and completely vulnerable at this particular point.

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According to Pakistan Water Apportionment Accord for Resolving Inter-Provincial Water Conflicts, Policies, and Options 1991, water shall be distributed into all provinces equally. Yet, Punjab by violating this accord, ceases Sindh’s water illegal and maliciously.

If Sindh is not provided with water promptly, it may go through an extreme economic crisis in many sectors, especially in agriculture.

It is reasonable that responsible authorities must deal with this issue for solving out water crisis in Sindh for the sake of not only this particular province’s prosperity but also for the whole of Pakistan.



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