Rotten political system

The ongoing conflict in Pakistani politics is getting worse instead of reaching a fruitful conclusion. Prejudice has permeated politics to such an extent that traditions are being established to undermine the country’s dignity, interest and security. The tendency to make the armed forces a subject of political discourse has created much apprehension among the masses. A defamatory campaign is being waged directly on social media against in which baseless allegations and provocative statements are constantly being circulated.

All this is not the result of any external conspiracy but a reflection of our internal weaknesses. The seeds of the politics of self-interest that certain politicians have sown are now ripe. In fact, it is the rotten political system of the country that is now revealing itself in the worst form. The political class has in fact lost its place in the eyes of the people.

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Traditional politics is now going through a process of disintegration. Pakistani society is on a journey of change. Social media has attracted the educated class of the country, especially the young generation, towards politics to such an extent that they refuse to believe these fake political narratives. Politicians may not have much time left and should therefore either revamp their political style or be prepared for outright rejection by the people.



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