Child development

As children grow older, they undergo both physical and mental changes, which impact their overall development. Physical changes include weight and height while mental changes include intelligence and cognitive skills. Naturally, not all children have the same form of growth or development because of innate tendencies as well as other social factors. However, some patterns or periods of development are similar for most children, which are crucial and must be paid attention to.

Motor development takes place in the early ages during which the child’s muscles, bones, and the ability to move or touch are strengthened. Fine motor skills refer to small movements in the hands, feet, lips, etc. Gross motor skills include the motor development of muscles that enable babies to hold up their heads, sit and crawl, and eventually walk. Parents and caregivers should focus on supporting the children to develop these skills by undertaking moderate forms of physical activities with the children. Primary socialisation enables children to learn to communicate, which is furthered by secondary socialisation at schools where children begin learning, interacting with a group of people, and forming friendships. This aids both emotional and cognitive development as the children are compelled to think, explore, and figure things out.

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In Pakistan, there is little awareness about the different development stages and even paediatricians fail to inform new parents of these stages. Relevant health authorities should undertake the initiative to inform parents of the different stages and necessary measures to ensure the healthy growth and development of children.



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