Gender discrimination

Despite women making up almost half of Pakistan’s population – representing 48.76% of the total population – they remain under-represented in the labour force. Only 25% of Pakistani women participate in the labour force, compared with 85% of men, and only 5% of senior and leadership roles are held by women. It is estimated that 18% of Pakistan’s labour income goes to women, one of the lowest shares among South Asian countries.

There are many causes of gender discrimination. The first one has to be illiteracy. When people do not educate themselves, they continue to live in the old times. Thus, they follow the old-age sexist traditions and norms.

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Education can bring about a change in this mindset because educated people will be less likely to partake in gender discrimination. Further, poverty is also another reason which is interlinked in a way. Furthermore, the patriarchal setup in our society plays a big role. In this setup, the male dominates almost every aspect of life. Thus, they consider themselves to be superior to others.

Gender discrimination must be checked at every stage so that no person should be denied a chance to learn and grow. Thus, everyone, no matter male or female, must get a start in life in terms of education and other opportunities. We must come together as a society to do this to make our country a better place.



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