Imran Khan is not going to allow Pakistan to be anyone’s slave

Are we the slaves of the West? If not, why the hue and cry when the truth is told that we are not your slaves?

Are we the slaves of the West? If not, then why do they lament that we should not utter our souls and minds are free?

For indeed we are free, and should be free from our colonial past, those dark days of bowing down subordinate to our masters.

We live in a free world we are told. We are not your slaves.

We have the right to think independently. We are not your slaves.

We have the right to run our own country and our own foreign policy. We are not your slaves.

We have the right to make our economy prosper and make trade deals. We are not your slaves.

We have the right to defend our land against aggressors, who throw bombs our way and then claim it was a technical malfunction. We are not your slaves and we are no fools.

We have the right not to be dragged into wars where there can be no resolution, just turn and look at Afghanistan. We are no longer your slaves.

Pakistan is a sovereign country with independent foreign policy, which as Ayub Khan put it once about the superpowers, they are our “Friends not Masters”.

We endured slavery for 300 years under the British and today when a leader has come along and raised his voice, all the opposition parties cowardly sang from the same hymn sheet, pleading with the international forces that they are innocent. Please don’t punish us. Please don’t sanction our foreign properties, they cry in mitigation. Please don’t freeze our foreign accounts. We will do whatever you desire … just get Imran khan out of the way.

History reminds us when Oliver Cromwell took up and disbanded the British Parliament, the same noises were made in the UK too by the blood-sucking corrupt politicians.

But then again it doesn’t take a group of politicians but one man to lead his country towards triumph and sovereignty.

When PTI formed the government, records came to light that revealed that the previous rulers had literally left the country on the verge of bankruptcy. The PTI government had to borrow firstly to service the previous loans and at the same time keep the economy afloat.

In the circumstances which he inherited, Imran Khan managed an incredible turnaround of the economy. Three years is not sufficient time for the economy to prosper fully. Yet, during PTI governance our foreign exchange reserves have increased substantially.

The Ehsas program is operating very successfully and helping the neediest. Kamyab Programme is lifting the youth and at the same time helping the unemployed graduates. Sehat programme, even in developed countries hard to find, is providing up to Rs1 million towards medical treatment costs. Foreign remittances are record high. Exports are a record high. The construction industry is booming. Overseas Pakistanis are being given 100% tax exemption on their investment. 100% tax exemption is being given to IT companies. Small Dams are being built all over the country which would benefit generations to come. What PM Khan had achieved through his courageous policies, no other person could have matched him in the same period.

There is a Lion in Pakistan and he roars fiercely and proudly, wrapped in our green flag with the stars and moon shining upon him. Let him wrap you Pakistanis, in this flag of hope, pride and victory, to never again be subordinate, never again be weak, never again be beggars, to rise and be bold. You see, we are not your slaves.

Why the disquiet? Why the fear? Why are the cowardly shrinking back into the colonial mindset of thinking they must acquiesce and appease their old rulers? The same rulers who tore up and divided and mismanaged a shoddy break up of lands, where Kashmir still bleeds from their inequitable meddling.

Why be afraid when Imran Khan, alone amongst all the recent leaders of this great Country, the only one brave enough to tell the truth and stand tall when he proclaims Pakistan will not be anyone’s slave? He tells a truth and tells it boldly and fiercely, those steely eyes as determined as to when he led Pakistan to its cricketing victory in 1992.

The world order is changing. Alliances are changing. There may be difficult times ahead, but who else will be able to meet these challenges with the noble dignity of our leader? The previous looters, who hide away in foreign lands, shielding their ill-gotten gains? Or perhaps their prodigy, fuelled by nothing other than revenge and greed in their broken Urdu or Hermes bags and Gucci shoes?

Is a diesel mullah who would call on his followers to wreak havoc and disturb this land, the man to lead Pakistan? Or those in opposition showing up at the police stations when no one had even bothered to arrest them? Are these the jokers you think will lead Pakistan to its great height?

There is something rotten in the state of Denmark said Hamlet, yet he could have been referring to the rotten core of the opposition establishment. Those who are scared of progress. Those who fear to uplift the poor and needy. Those who shy away from our great religion. Those who are apologists and lack the vision to make Pakistan a great country. We need to lead, not follow.

The biggest disservice PML(N) & PPP bestowed upon Pakistan was to keep the masses uneducated so that the common man who never have the knowledge nor courage to oppose the looting of the National wealth for over three decades. Despite the time when they were in power, they were incompetent to provide education to all young children, yet, out of power living in exile they were strong enough to send their own children to top schools and universities. Shame on such ruthless rulers who left the nation crippled, hands and legs chopped and their mindset hijacked.

I met Imran Khan in 1971 at Lords Cricket ground nets. That we had dinner together. I had an MG sports car and we drove around London. He was a young handsome man. From that day onwards, Alhamdulillah, I have had the great privilege and honour to have always walked side by side with him under his shadows, for the last 50 years. There is so much that I have learned in life from him. His influence on me has been significant. He guided me towards Islam, charity & humanity. I have travelled the world with him in connection with his charitable causes and witnessed first-hand that no human I have seen that is so massively respected and loved worldwide. The only man who has remained the ‘national hero’ of Pakistan for over 45 years. He is caring & compassionate. He could not see the suffering of his people at the hands of rulers who were corrupt. Therefore 25 years ago he started to wage a war of freedom to untie his people from the shackles of the bondage of slavery. When Imran khan used the sentence ‘Absolutely Not’ every single Pakistani politician went into hiding. Fearing the worst. Wondering if their looted foreign accounts will be frozen.

‘We are not your slaves’. Pakistan is a sovereign country which has an independent foreign policy and the government will make decisions which are beneficial to us and safeguard our interests. Imran khan is a courageous leader. He did not mince his words. He simply stated the truth.

There is only one statesman. There is only one leader. There is only one Lion. Allah has bestowed a favour on Pakistan, so let the people open their eyes and lend their full support, for victory is achieved together. Let there be unity and peace in our blessed land and let the soil of Pakistan shoot its green foliage, so that we stand tall and proud as a nation, for we are not your slaves. Imran Khan spoke the truth and he spoke it courageously. This country needs him for he is irreplaceable.

Sahibzada A. Jahangir
Sahibzada A. Jahangir
The writer is the spokesperson of prime minister on trade and investment in UK and Europe. He is a founding member of PTI.

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