Self-reflection and the way forward

Pakistan’s society has been slowly plunging into the chaos of uncertainty. This plunge has been heavily accelerated by the indecisiveness of our political leaders. Those leaders who should spend time devising a viable economic strategy choose to spend their time responding with clever retorts to the opposition. While the latter does the same. As valuable time passes, our debts grow and our economy fails, while Pakistani people pay the price. These circumstances have led to people becoming more toxic and suspicious about everyone and everything. Extremist factions who promise a false sense of security are rising more than ever and as a nation, we have no idea of our place in our own country.

Instead of channelling our hopelessness through toxic attitudes towards others and towards Pakistan, we should strive to improve our situation through productive means. Instead of relying on someone else to get us out of this mess, we should begin to self-reflect and find out a realistic way in which we can contribute to our society that is meaningful. No matter how small our contribution may be, slowly it amounts to something considerable and moving.

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