Job market in Pakistan

The real estate sector has shown greater progress in Pakistan, becoming a major contributor to the economic growth of the country, by making money, assets, and eventually, empires.

Over the recent years, builders, construction companies, developers, realtors, and renters, etc. have accumulated greater wealth. We see many housing societies appearing now and then, there are plenty of TV commercials poking around in entertainment hours alluring customers to get their dream houses and fulfil their lifestyle wishes. While construction companies have made a mark as a full-grown industry, the real estate sector still lags behind in forming the image and persona of a trusted entity.

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There is a huge space for job generation; like any other organisation, a real estate office at the very basic requires, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Sales and Management staff to be operating. We see many realtors managing in the minimum capacity with small offices and hardly one assistant, while dealing with major chunks of the market.

AAA Associates, working in the same market, becoming the forerunners in providing secure jobs. Employees are streamlined with a proper pay structure and benefits. AAA Associates office holds a horizontal hierarchy with departments and teams working to follow the company’s vision with laid out goals and objectives, keeping clarity, precision, and efficiency. AAA associates have generated around 400 to 500 jobs in many working departments and businesses; jobs from executive-level to team managers and office help including janitors and teaboys.

Creating jobs in the real estate sector is not only good for the community in which we are operating but also is beneficial for the government as it ensures transparency and generates revenues.



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