Extravagant weddings

Extravagant wedding ceremonies, especially of public or political figures, who aspire to hold elected public office, should never be reminiscent of the glamor displayed in movies. Any public display does not reverberate well with their constituents, who look up to them as role models. It does not send the right message especially when such weddings are held in Punjab, where former Chief Minister Shehbaz Shariff imposed strict rules on one-dish meals and time restrictions on wedding ceremonies.

Unfortunately holding such extended ceremonies within the premises of farmhouses goes against the spirit and intent of the decision by the former Chief Minister, for which he will always be remembered. Wedding ceremonies of political families are normally private events, and not an occasion to show an abundance of wealth and riches. It does not serve politicians who, while addressing political rallies, talk about millions living below the poverty line. Arrogance has no place in democratic politics, nor is there any space for individuals who consider themselves to be ruling families.

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In most democratic countries, media coverage of wedding ceremonies of political figures is not permitted, nor are videos of the events uploaded on social media. Security measures are adopted to maintain the privacy of such events. At the most, a picture is released of the event to the media. Our political figures should also follow suit to uphold the spirit of democracy.



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