Clean water provided to adjoining populace in Toba Tek Singh on ombudsman’s orders

LAHORE: On the direction of Punjab Ombudsman retired Major Azam Suleman Khan, the Secretary Housing, Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Department has provided clean drinking water to the residents of the adjoining population of Chak No. 346 GB Nounarian in Toba Tek Singh.

The residents of the village approached the office of the ombudsman with the complaint the local government department had completed a common water supply scheme of seven villages in 2016-17 but their area, comprising of 20 houses, was kept deprived of this scheme.

Khan directed the secretary to ensure the provision of clean drinking water to the applicants. The housing department has provided a water supply line to the adjoining population of Nounarian to ensure the supply of clean drinking water to the area.

The applicants have expressed their gratitude to Ombudsman Punjab for the redressal of their complaint.


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