Abrogation of Article 370

At the time of Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to the Indian Union, Article 370 was the foundation of accession. However, When the other states who are under the prince rule had the choice of whether they join Pakistan and India after Independence of 1947.

In 1949, The article came into repercussion and free Jammu and Kashmir state from the Indian constitution.

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Article 370 gave relief to the Indian-Administrated region jurisdiction to make and implement their laws to expect the defense policies, foreign affairs, economics, and communication.

Under the umbrella of Article 370, It has the right to established a separate constitution, a separate flag, and denied property rights to any outsider in their region. It means the people of the state live their life under different laws and constitutions from the rest of the country.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir under article 370 was allowed to have its own flag and constitution. The people were disallowing to purchase the property in the state from belongs to another part of India. The special status of Kashmir could only be amended through the advocacy of the state assembly. The BJP provoke the article 370 and 35 A at the beginning of August 2019 by making use of the political vacuum in the country. In the event, The BJP prepare the ground for this revocation by dismissing the state assembly and put the governor’s rule.

The Indian Government was expected that the population of Jammu and Kashmir can be aggressive and violated by his action. And the Modi government moved the army personnel and paramilitary forces to Kashmir which already has a heavily militarized area that is already half a million army troops stationed there. The blanket curfew was exposed by the announcement of the change in the special status of the Jammu and Kashmir was a semi-autonomous region to a union territory and block the communication links, which include the internet, telephone line, mobile signals and imposed a hard lockdown on Kashmir. Even the situation can be judged by in an unprecedented move, Hindu pilgrims attending their religious tour which were asked to leave the territory urgently, and all tourists and visitors were also ordered to leave the territory.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir have been limited to their homes and being locked down and didn’t move outside. The soldiers are stationed in front of every house door, every street. Peoples have no food to eat and no medical assistance, no supplies. A huge amount of people have been detained. The Indian Army has applied the aggressive and violent action on the Muslim women in Kashmir. The United Nations Security Council resolutions declare this territory is disputed, to which Pakistan is a legal party to authorize the Kashmiri peoples to decide their future through a free and fair referendum under U.N patronage.

The issue of Kashmir unresolved, Kashmir people are suffered from years and don’t have any self-determination due to the two country conflict on the land of Kashmir. The Kashmir issue between the two countries has remained an issue that has no peaceful resolution or any solution that is acceptable by two countries since their independence. Indian genocide and brutality have faced by innocent Kashmiris. The Indian Atrocities day by day increased in Kashmir. The Old ages, Women, and Children’s are suffered from Indian Army brutalities, and Using ballot guns which are psychologically affected the children’s minds and Kashmiri genocide will be caused a long-lasting effects on the Kashmiri’s identity which is not acceptable by Kashmiri peoples.

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Muhammad Umais Rizwan


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