11 killed after van falls into canal

ISLAMABAD: A passenger van plunged into a canal in the Sheikhupura district of Punjab on Friday evening leaving 11 people dead, including seven children, media reported.

According to the reports, the van carrying 11 people fell into the Mianwali Canal in the Khanqah Dogran city of the district.

Police and rescue teams rushed to the site and took out bodies from the sunk vehicle.

The deceased include seven children, three women, and one man, who belonged to the same family.

The family was going to Khanqah Dogran from the Gujranwala district after meeting their relatives.

An eyewitness told media that the driver failed to control the overspeeding vehicle at the bank of the canal and caused the accident.

Road accidents are quite frequent in Pakistan mainly due to poor roads, badly maintained vehicles, and unprofessional driving.


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