Future of B.A/ ADP students at stake

Online education system and the contemporanous Pakistani social setup, compatible or incompatible ?

Every societal setup has its own pros and cons .What’s applicable in one civilisation may not necessarily be applicable in others as the environmental and social settings vary considerably .The social order of the monetarily sound and developed Western nation-states has been synchronized with online education system but has our social setup been preconditioned with it? Can we see the preconditions and prerequisites of such a scheme in Pakistan at present ? Obviously for an overwhelmingly small yet immensly privelleged class, linked with high budgeted academic institutions (even international ones) it is suitable . But what about the rest- the majority ? The management of Punjab University, Lahore , one of the lagest and oldest varsities of Pakistan is yet to make a declaration about the future of the pupils .Hearsays and rumours have been circulating that online examination would be conducted for all the ADP/B.A candidates which seemingly would result in a mess as the students as well as the administrative officials aren’t that equipped with such technological skills as to enable them to make the process happen smoothly and flawlessly . This has resulted in bewilderment and perplexity among the baccalurate students .It would be much better to postpone the examination till the end of the pandemic and then conduct it on the traditional pattern . The second apt option is to promote the students to the next stage on the basis of ther past(intermediate) result percentage . Otherwise we may see a tremendously large amount of students failing miserably just because of the newly introduced system as they may not be able to appropriately deal with it . The pupils have never had experienced such a channel before . We are lagging far behind in terms of resources , skills and experience when it comes to online examination.

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Muhammad Ahmad Qasmi (M.A.Q)


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