Nothing is impossible 

History stands witness nothing is Impossible in the world which can not be achieved by man. Many charming personalities  with their untiring efforts made impossible possible.

A charming personality Thomas Edison, while making the lightbulb, failed nine hundred and ninety nine times but didn’t lose his courage in the long run he carried the day. He said well, He was not failed he try nine hundred ninety nine ways to make blub. The word ‘Impossible’ itself spells, i ‘m possible,  Napoleon Bonaparte once remarked,  that  word impossible is found in the dictionary of a fool.

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To accomplish the most difficult tasks, one needs to put his or her great efforts,  extra perseverance and concentration on a sole goal. Keep patience and do the best leave the rest on Allah Almighty. Moreover, Doing something one can face hurdles it is very clear that no one can get success with ease for achieving success countless hurdles are to come but one has to go with difficulties and gain desired objective.

To attain a desired goal, One has to laugh at his or her troubles and has to forget them. If someone laughs at his or her troubles he or she will be contented and happy whatever has come his or her paths will be forgotten forever. A saying goes, A room wasn’t built in a day, It is as clear as ABC from mentioned saying that if someone works hard day and night success is sure to come one day at any rate. Believe yourself,  Believing yourself is one of the the best manner to achieve the hardest goals. The more you believe yourself, the more you reach your desired objects.

Don’t get afraid of failure,  Failure is the way to find multiple routes to success. It is one of the most secret behind success. In short, nothing is Impossible which can’t be chalked out by man in the world. If man tries anything with his heart or with great intentions even though impossible becomes possible.

Muhammad Zarif 


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