Third wave comes knocking

The third wave of Covid-19 has arrived in the country Pakistan, because of the careless attitude of the people. The number of cases has been continuously increasing, which is also why the Pakistan Super League (PSL) match was postponed. According to the news, most people are ignoring SOPs which are a source of our own safety and can decrease the causes of deadly virus. Now it is very tough to fight against the deadly virus, Covid-19. People actually think that the Covid-19 has gone away, but despite our negative thoughts, it has still been seen rampaging through the country. Now the time has come to not ignore SOPs, rather we should follow them everywhere, especially in public places, we need to be more careful. The government should ensure strict rules of SOPs by the public. Now it is our own responsibility to follow the SOPs for saving ourselves.

Imran Sattar

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