Gross overpopulation

Overpopulation remains a fretful l crisis that the world faces, rendering it some tough challenges. However, Pakistan is among the most overpopulated countries in the world which troubles the already vociferous country. Pakistan remains the 5th most populous country in the world. The rate of population increment is 1.2 percent per year, which means the population will double in the coming years. As the United Nations reported that Pakistan’s population will rise up to 400 millions by 2050. Even now, overpopulation in Pakistan is a major issue, so the negative consequences of a large population will significantly worsen with the anticipated population increment. Hence, the overpopulation is resulting in unemployment that is a huge threat that Pakistan faces as it is becoming difficult to adjust such a huge population of economic agents. According to the latest estimate, the rate of unemployment in Pakistan is 5.6 percent. As the unemployment rate of a country represents the share of people without a job in the country’s labour force. Unemployed persons among them are those who are able or willing to work, but cannot due to lack of opportunities. Unemployment often leads to separation, low self-esteem, family breakdown, depression, etc. The root cause giving birth and leading to unemployment is poverty. The studies show that poverty is among the leading causes of overpopulation and unemployment. The growing ratio of jobless people brings several people to hunger. It also can have inter-generational impacts. The unemployed may not have the capacity to provide quality schooling to children. Nevertheless, education itself is not even affordable for many a family in Pakistan. The waving effects of unemployment are widely spread. As the exploding population needs more facilities like food, health, security, water but most of the population dies in hunger and due to unemployment in the country. The remaining population establish crimes in the society that create many other issues in the country. Each year the population increases but the authorities do not increase the salaries and do not provide enough job opportunities to the public. Resultantly, half of the population remain unemployed in the country and many of the students quit their education due to high fees. Unemployment is destroying the lives of our youths. It is leading the kids to get into dangerous drugs which is an even harder curse_ not only for the kids but for their families as well. Internationally, the countries focus more on controlling their population and creating more and more opportunities for employment so that their people live a happy and prosperous life. They prepare to kill the fatal curses like poverty, street crimes, illiteracy, unemployment, etc. Their governments resign when they feel they are failed to produce benefits for their people, but things are opposite in Pakistan. Suggestively, for controlling unemployment the first main thing to reduce unemployment in Pakistan is the proper planning by the government of Pakistan and providing enough jobs to the people. They ought to spend more to have more jobs in the county. The education system of Pakistan should be equal and well-managed. Every student should get quality of education. Most of the people in Pakistan complain that most jobs are sold to rich people. That is why poor students do not get opportunities to raise themselves in the world. And the most important thing about overpopulation is that Pakistan has a large number of people [increasing more in annually]. It is becoming a huge challenge and we need to tackle it with the help of government. Because it has a great number of negative impacts on us. Therefore, there is urgent need of creating awareness about the impacts of the growing population due to which unemployment is spreading unstoppably. The government should have some important policies for overpopulation as China is the best example that is controlling its population despite being the most populated country in the world.

Ahmed Umar

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