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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said with focus on ensuring rule of law sans any discrimination of the rich and the poor, the present government was striving to bring about a revolution in the country, which had already started. “If you want to assure yourselves about the start of revolution, you can see the faces of all thieves, who have joined hands and come out on roads. Big thieves, who were looting the country for the last 35 years, have now come together and are now seeking an NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance),” he remarked. The prime minister was addressing a gathering of tribal elders after inaugurating a state of the art hospital at Maula Khan Sarai on the occasion of his visit to South Waziristan. Imran Khan said he would urge his critics, who question about his promise of a Naya Pakistan and welfare state, to study history books to know how the State of Madina was established and was made a welfare state after facing difficulties for four to five years. He said the State of Madina, which was established under the great leadership of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), brought about the biggest revolution in history and eliminated the old system of monarchy through rule of law, justice for all, and taking care of the poor and downtrodden. The principles of the State of Madina were being followed even in today’s modern era by various welfare states in the world, he added. The prime minister referred to the anti-government drive of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and said their only objective was an NRO, which he would never give. Former president General ® Pervez Musharraf, despite having all authorities and power, could not sustain pressure and gave two NROs, he added. Referring to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leaders and their family members, he questioned if the thieves took the public resources abroad and led luxury lives abroad, how the government would spend and allocate funds for the people’s welfare in the country. The present government was fighting the war for rule of law in the country, he added.

Sohail Ali Khan 

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