Bleak future ahead as people start ignoring Covid-19 SOPs | Pakistan Today

Bleak future ahead as people start ignoring Covid-19 SOPs

ISLAMABAD: A latest nationwide survey conducted by Ipsos Pakistan has revealed that Pakistanis despite attaining universal awareness about Covid-19 in April were not adhering to the Standard Operating Procedures which may worsen the situation in days ahead.

“Quite worryingly, after attaining universal awareness of Covid-19 in April, Pakistanis seem to start forgetting it. Similarly, the perceived level of threat and preventive measures’ compliance is going down significantly” the findings of the survey disclosed.

According to the survey, despite high awareness, only 50 per cent of Pakistanis feel concerned about the spread of virus; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the most nervous province about the pandemic. There was also a decline in people’s perception of a ‘complete lockdown’ across all provinces and more drop was witnessed in Sindh and Balochistan, it added.

The survey also revealed that amid coronavirus, the majority of Pakistanis, mainly belonging from lower-income groups and rural areas, did not intend to buy new stuff on Eid. Some 80 per cent thought that economic activity and businesses should reopen even if the virus was not fully contained.

Similarly, 80 per cent Pakistanis expect things would return back to normalcy by June and were quite optimistic that the economy would recover quickly post lockdown. However, interestingly, like other countries, the majority felt nervous about leaving homes for work or travel

About 80 per cent Pakistanis think Covid-19 will negatively affect their jobs or businesses but majority of Pakistanis were unlikely to learn any new skill during the lockdown period. About 70 per cent Pakistanis think they will become closer to family, friends, and relatives as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

The survey noted that 50 per cent Pakistanis were offering Taraveeh prayers at homes, and 30 per cent going to mosques. Despite limited knowledge of precise Standard Operating Procedures for mosques, 80 per cent Pakistani believe that SOPs in mosques, were being followed, it further disclosed.

For Pakistanis, local news channels and religious places are the most reliable source of information while 33.3 per cent Pakistanis show lack of confidence on social media platforms. Over the past month, there is decline in trust on social media amid fewer discussions of the topic.

The sample size of the snap poll was over 1,000 with 58 per cent from Punjab, 22 per cent from Sindh, 14 per cent from KP, 4 per cent from Balochistan, and three per cent from Azad Kashmir.

70 per cent of the participants were male while 30 per cent were female.