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2018 to be the hottest year: PMD chief

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Metreological Department (PMD) predicted that the temperatures in the next three months would rise by two to three degrees than usual and below average rainfall would be observed.

Experts warned that the country should gear up for an intense summer season this year with fewer showers.

“Right now the southern parts of the country are in the midst of a heat wave which will continue for a seven-day period of intense heat,” PMD Chief Ghulam Rasul told a private TV channel.

He said that the month had not ended yet but the temperatures in interior Sindh and Balochistan had already crossed the 40 degree centigrade mark which was unusual. According to PMD, the highest temperature recorded on Tuesday was 44 degrees in Shaheed Benazirabad followed by Sakrund, Mithi, Hyderabad, Chhor with 43 degrees and Karachi with 40 degrees.

“Right after the end of winter, summer began with high temperatures and spring only lasted for a week or so,” Rasul said. In the next three months, conditions would remain drier than normal. “Compared to the previous years, the intensity of heat waves in the country is likely to be more intense in 2018,” he added.

While considering the situation, he warned that this year, the country might face a severe water crisis as the temperatures would remain high and rainfall would remain below average.

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