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The real suo motu case

When people are dying and suffering due to absence of justice in the courts, the honourable Chief Justice Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry has taken up the drag race case, which was held at Bahria Town in Islamabad. The comical part is that the issue has been resolved before the case was registered by the police and accused person. The families didn’t even register a case against the driver due to the simple fact that they were witness of the fatal accident and they felt that that was not the

Talks of the times

After nearly three years of warfare, the PPP and PML(N) are finally trying to agree on some of the things vital for the common man particularly those related to national economy and governance. They have initially taken up what they considered to be the least thorny issues. The evolving of a transparent formula to fix the petroleum prices and rationalising the gas and power loadshedding are of great importance. In case the country can have a policy relating to gas, petroleum and power

Our boys

No one can go to town on the Army like Chaudhry Nisar can. The way no one can make the occasional stopover at the GHQ like he can. Not only did the PML(N) leader, who heads the Public Accounts Committee, run to the ground the secretary for defence production, a retired general, but he also asked him to take an example of how they do things in (gasp!) India. The tension was so thick in the air, that PAC member Zafar Padhiar remarked how someone had asked him to write up a will since

Arif Nizami

Too good to be true?

Finally there is a modicum of consensus between the PPP and PML(N) on fixing the economy. Mr. Ishaq Dar has promised the nation “good news'” on 26th of January when the joint committee of the two parties meets to discuss Nawaz Sharif’s ten-point agenda – a sine qua non for co-operation with the government.
But given the dire economic straits that we are in, it is easier said then done. As it is, none of the International Financial Institutions, IMF inclusive, are willing to give

White Lies

The national flag carrier maybe looking to improve its business but there is one VVIP that is not lending a helping hand. We hear that this VVIP recently went on an official trip to Washington (via Dubai of course) and PIA reps were not unreasonably hoping to get his custom. To their surprise the VVIP opted for the rival UAE airline’s commercial flight and felt no qualms landing in Washington in a UAE flag carrier. There could be a number of reasons for the choice. Perhaps it is

Raoof Hasan

Hijacking Pakistan

In the wake of the harrowing spectacles enacted on the streets of the country in the recent times, it is generally being feared that Pakistan has been hijacked for a cause that is inimical to the spirit of its creation just over six decades ago. Apparently, there is a lot of rationale to this contention and considerable circumstantial evidence, too.
The fact that Quaid-e-Azam did not want Pakistan to become a religious theocracy is evident from his numerous speeches and

Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad

Let’s talk

The MQM’s decision to say goodbye to the government, thus turning the PPP-led administration into a minority government, has created a soft corner in the latter for the time-being for its arch rival PML(N) While the MQM has meanwhile made a conditional comeback, the PPP is not sure when the unpredictable ethnic outfit will throw another tantrum creating a fresh crisis. What has further generated a need for dialogue with Mian Nawaz Sharif is the mounting resentment in Sindh PPP against

The Karachi crisis

In just a few days in the city of Quaid, many people have been killed by “un-identified” gun men, who come, hit and run. The dead belong to various parties including MQM, ANP, Jamaat-e-Islami, PML(N), PPP and the Tehrik Sunnat.
When the people are being picked and killed in various parts of the Karachi, Zulfikar Mirza from the Sindh government says that even the American police couldn’t stop the target killing in Karachi. Zulfikar Mirza knows who is doing what to whom, but he

Rule of law

Every now and then we hear people say that by establishing rule of law in the country, we can rid ourselves of a number of problems that we are facing nowadays.
Well that might be true, but what does rule of law mean? This is a question that comes to every mind, which is not so knowledgeable about law and other related jargons. It actually means that all of us i.e. rich or poor, man or women, and even the government and public servants like the police have to obey law and must

The road not taken

A week ago, I had been to the federal capital via the GT Road after a very long time. It was the year 2006 when my father told me that World Bank had invested in this road project known as the Lahore-Gujranwala project and it would be a dual carriage road by the year 2009. All I experienced on that road were huge bumps and diversions.
This project was started in year 2006 and was expected to be completed by the year 2009 but it’s still under construction due to which many people

Disarming the mind

A new bill about “De-weaponising Pakistan” by MQM has triggered a new game of words across the country. Regardless of the profession, every single intellectual of my country has been playing his pro-active role in this debate as it has been our nastiest tradition.
The political analysts and the political players are busy in speculating the consequences along with the pros and cons of this bill. Some people are of the view that the bill will be passed unanimously and will become

PIA’s problems-I

State corporations like PIA which are bleeding today are a victim of political appointments by successive governments for the past decade. These appointments which were not made on merit and are a product of cronyism have led to massive pilferages, corruption, mismanagement and abuse.
As if enough damage had not been done to PIA, the present regime has appointed a Senator as a full time Political Advisor on PIA. What role does a political advisor have in a commercial airline

PIA’s problems-II

Instead of piecemeal and continuous bleeding of PIA and national exchequer through incompetent political appointees, it would be far better to sell it, so that it can survive as a profitable venture. There is no political will to provide the airline with honest professionals, nor any intent to stop its pilferage, or the culture of kickbacks or corruption by the mediocrity of crooks that dominate its executive corridors.
In my humble opinion, unless the Supreme Court of Pakistan

Crash victims

Almost six months have elapsed since 152 innocent passengers of Air Blue crashed in Islamabad and as yet neither the Preliminary Report has been made public by CAA, nor have the next of kin got their due share of insurance claim. The Insurance money was only for passengers and crew of the ill-fated aircraft, since the A321 itself was on lease and not owned by Air Blue. It seems there is an agreement between the ruling elite of Pakistan, across the political divide to protect the

Scrutiny at pickets

The establishment of a monitoring cell to scrutinize the performance, of policemen deployed at pickets throughout Islamabad, is a positive development. It was being reported that the staff at these check posts were being bribed, to allow entry of trucks without permit. The placing of these pickets and checkpoints is for the specific reason of preventing terrorist related activities. Any slackness on behalf of the staff present, can lead to serious repercussions, resulting in serious

Continuing education

Education is the basic right of every child which is accepted universally. All over the world, it is accepted as the most important right which is especially protected by the civil society. However, in Pakistan, provision of education is a big problem which requires a lot of money. However, the continuing financial crises and pro-rich policies have made it almost impossible for a number of people to educate their children. The launching of Daanish School System (DSS) should,

Economic doldrums

Pakistan’s economy is in a downward spiral. Inflation rate is reaching at its peak, foreign reserves are falling, and the government is in danger of defaulting on its foreign debt. A spike in global food prices has hit Pakistanis especially hard, and the global financial crisis only threatens to exacerbate Pakistan’s economic woes.
Our country economy is under its terrible crisis. The environment is affected by intensification of war on terror and deepening of the global