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Future of Pakistan cricket

The name of Pakistan and its cricket has suffered a big blow because of the controversy that surrounds some of our key players and officials of the PCB that accompanied the team on its recent tour to UK. Stories of corruption scams have tarnished our national prestige.
A report was telecast today on Sky TV, vis-a-vis cricket corruption scandals and involvement of few players with betting mafia, where it was stressed that players accused of involvement must voluntarily submit to

Security at shrines

Three attendants of a shrine were killed when unknown militants opened fire on them in the jurisdiction of Bhadber Police in the outskirts of Peshawar. This incident demands the attention of the authorities to beef up the security at different shrines located across the country. We have seen that in the recent past shrines of Data Ganj Bakhsh, Baba Farid and Abdullah Shah Ghazi have been attacked by militants. Considering the month of Muharram and the influx of increased number of

Women in Police Force

According to a rough estimate there are only 5percent of women in the police force, which points towards the need to hire more women. Considering the cultural environment of the country, women police force is a serious requirement. A number of women are not comfortable in the presence of male police officers, and they avoid visiting the police stations to lodge their complaints. So it is proposed that more women should be recruited in the police stations so that the requirement of the

Friday sermons

Most of the imams, during Friday sermons, condemn terrorism and declare Islam a religion of peace and tolerance. They try not to make provocative speeches on current affairs. However, there are mosques where imams pretend to be experts of international relation and I happened to come across one this past Friday. Throughout the sermon, the imam kept on bragging about how the Western propaganda was ruining the economy of Pakistan. He repeatedly warned everyone to be wary of enemies of

Minorities in terror-hit areas

Traditionally, a number of Sikh families have been living in the Orakzai agency for centuries but as the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) grew stronger, they had to move to the IDP camps located in Kohat and other areas.
Charan Singh, one of the affectees told his story to an esteemed daily newspaper. He told that TTP demanded Jizia from them which is a centuries old Muslim tradition to collect tax from Non-Muslims living in the Muslim areas. However, now that the area is taken

Our rivers, Indian dams

After drying out Ravi, Sutlej and Beas rivers, India has depleted Chenab river by building Baglihar Dam and is now depleting Jehlum river by building Kishan Ganga Dam, in addition to many other dams on all our three rivers.
While we have only 30-day storage capacity to meet any contingency, no other country endowed with rivers has less than 100-day reserve storage. Should we not build more mega dams sooner rather than wait for 15 years for Bhasha dam, by which time Mangla and

Agha Akbar

Much ado about nothing

Interesting times are never far away from the Pakistani political scene. When the debate was focused on the RGST and whether the government would be able to rustle up the legislative muscle to ram it through both houses of the parliament, the prime minister’s showing the exit to a brace of ministers from his cabinet provided the spark that made the JUI(F) walk out of the coalition in a huff.
This made JUI-F the first party to exit from the carefully constructed and well coalesced

Imran Husain

That snake again

I’ve spent a lifetime hoping, praying and yelling there must come a time when Pakistan deserves to come first. There is nothing we have not seen happen. Hit by every possible calamity and enjoyed every possible success. But this wish of mine has not been fulfilled yet.
I’ve tried to provide solace to my pain by attributing this to the process of ‘growing up’, of evolution, the hyper-emotional character of our people, the list goes on. But each time, the disappointment is greater

Dr Faisal Bari

New bank on the block

A few days ago the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issued a license for a new scheduled bank: the Sindh Bank. Two days ago, the Minister of State for Economics said that the government had to give Rs 300 billion a year to keep the bigger state-owned enterprises afloat and the government was keen to stop this eventually. The Minister of Finance has been going around saying that the government needs to cut expenditure and raise more money – even trying to impose an unpopular GST and ad hoc

Reformed GST

Pakistan is no different from any other democracy when public policy issues fall prey to politicking, as the RGST issue has at the moment. Different political parties view any piece of legislation more as an opportunity for a quid pro quo on another bit of legislation or perhaps even getting a cabinet portfolio. In vibrant democracies, however, it is the job of the media to create a contact between the general public and the chambers of legislation by ensuring that the debate does not

Democracy and Mush

Talking to Sky News on Wednesday, Musharraf said that Pakistan was more important to him than democracy. All of a sudden the former military ruler has realised that democracy could, in fact, harm Pakistan in which case he will not support it. This is quite interesting because till recently he was trying to create the perception that he had finally embraced democracy and was committed to return to Pakistan to contest the elections.
History provides enough evidence to prove that

Terrorism impacts

With the present situation of lawlessness and terror prevalent in our society, every person seems to be suffering from mental stress or psychological disorder. While religion serves to offer solace to a person, these terror groups use it as a tool to create fear and chaos.
By presenting their radical interpretations on religion, they not only create confusion but also force the masses away from it.
Some figures seem to point out the fact that one out of three Pakistanis is

USAID on corruption

The USAID, on suspicion of fraud, has suspended an aid of $ 150 million to Academy of Educational Development which is working in Pakistan.
This was revealed in an investigation by the office of the inspector general of USAID. This revelation points towards corruption that is not only rampant in government organisations but also in international NGOs and their projects. Law enforcement agencies, along with NAB, are already working to ensure that the menace of corruption is

Media has become a party

Narratives are known to construct identities and their continuous replications reinforce these identities into realities, but the question that one is compelled to ask is; can they really be trusted?
The popular Pakistani media culture that aims to downsize our political and military leaders and question their activities, despite claiming to be the harbinger of change, has only been able to create an increased chaos and hopelessness in society. Only to reinforce already formed

My plea

I was appointed as Programme Implementation Officer in the Vocational Education Training Programme under the Training Wing, Ministry of Education on August 3, 1995. Like many others, I was politically victimised at that time.
The Sacked Employees Reinstatement Act, 2010 is prominent for the purpose of providing relief to persons such as me. I urge concerned authorities to take notice of my case and process it for a decision as it has been long that I have reached superannuation

Intent behind crime

An interesting point of law comes to the fore when we have to find the real culprit of a crime. For example if A kills B, will it be a murder? Not necessarily, as it would depend upon the intent factor, also called mens rea in the legal jargon. Does it matter? Yes, immensely.
If A had the intent of killing B, then A murdered B and might expect a noose around his neck. But if A lacked the intention of killing B, then it was manslaughter, in which case A might expect a few years

Misguided youth

Kohat Police has certainly shown vigilance in pointing out the suspected suicide bomber that bombed the bus stop and caused deaths of more than 18 people.
This might lead to the identification of the group that trained him and his family as well. It is a pity that terrorists use young boys to fulfil their evil plans. These boys are totally brain washed and are presented a false picture of the religion.
Evidence is available that some of these boys are also drugged so that