Our leaders

Our present political leaders are a spent force because they cannot solve simple problems such as keeping the cities clean by managing the disposal of municipal waste, maintain a public transport system, and ensure good quality education and health to the masses. The reason is that the person holding the position of authority to deliver good governance doesn’t believe in collective wisdom and merits. They only believe in self-projection and give preference to personal interests over

Accusing Punjab

According to a news item in the press, Sindh irrigation minister has accused Punjab of stealing water from the Indus. What he is saying is that IRSA (with a much higher representation from Sindh compared to Punjab), is conniving with Punjab to steal Sindh’s water. Does he mean that the 25 percent increase in Indus flow post-Tarbela was only for Sindh? That Punjab has no share in this increase.
He does not even know that IRSA (weighted heavily in favour of Sindh), is presently

WMD story repeated

The recent disclosure in the national media about Raymond Davis being in contact with terrorists to supply radioactive and biological materials for alleged attacks on USA in order to blame Pakistan for spreading WMD appears like a repeat of false WMD spread excuse leading to attack on Iraq. It appears that the Muslim world is likely to be bitten twice from the same serpent. The pertinent question arising from the whole issue is what the ISI was doing along with the army high command

Intellectual disorder

Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of those countries where this disability is on increase but no statistics are available with regards to the number of effected population. Seminars are often arranged in big hotels with discussions and presentations, but real progress in right direction is not found. Non-availability of concrete data on the subject with any governmental or non-governmental organisation bears the testimony of this sour fact. On the contrary with no governmental cover

One after the other

Another new year came under the democratic government of PPP in Pakistan. The previous one was very difficult for the govt as well as for the people with regards to changing political, social and economic trends and due to these events and occasions Pakistan always retain in the eyes of world.
Many changes and events occurred which were unforgettable in the history of Pakistan and remembered not only by Pakistanis but by whole world. Unbearable inflation, destructed economy,

Eye on the prize

Pakistan team won its second match of the World Cup against Sri Lanka, but there are few important strategies and planning which team management should consider changing immediately.
In every cricketing mind there is a question that why Abdul Razzaq is not being used properly. A player, who is capable of turning the match result in his team’s favour, should bat at upper position and not at number 8 (where he has batted in two World Cup matches). Shane Watson of Australia when

Waqqas Mir

Conspiracy theory overdrive

Subtlety is definitely not the standout feature of the whole Raymond Davis saga; be it the shots that rang out on Qurtaba Chowk, the driving skills of the get-away driver or the handling of the whole affair by the (largely Urdu)electronic media. The local electronic media with its reach with a local language is now basically reporting the Davis case as symptomatic of everything that afflicts this country and, of course, there is no worse affliction for many than the US calling the

Kamran Rehmat

Grasp of history – It is about the courage to be on the right side

There are many sides to the self-proclaimed Libyan Guide – the man with the so-called Green Book (to rival Mao’s Red or so he probably believes). Is it any wonder that one of the multitudes of even trivial debates surrounding the man relates to his name? Few seem to get it right.
Is he Gaddafi, Qaddafi, Qadhafi or Kadhafi (the k, in this instance, sounding like the pretentious k in kool instead of the more regular cool). To compound the moniker blues, there is also confusion

Regional Press – Desert or be damned

The African country – Libya – which got the status of an independent country in 1951 is facing a revolt by the people who have had enough of injustice by an autocrat. After its independence, it had the status of a constitutional monarchy. And, in 1969 after the military revolution by Colonel Qaddafi Libya, it became the Libyan Arab Republic. In 1977, it was then turned into the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Qaddafi did not face any difficulty when he changed the

Basharat Hussain Qizilbash

Falsifying history – The myth of “British peace”

Sometime back, an international painting competition under the title of “Queen of Democracy” was announced to paint portraits of Queen Elizabeth II. In it, Britain was described as the “Mother of Democracies” and the Queen as the living example of equality and the custodian of democracy. These titles are quite inept from the sub continental perspective. The British monarchs starting from George II, who ascended the throne in 1727 up to George VI, who was coronated in 1937 and was

No time for adventures – Punjab and beyond

So the summary for the ouster of the PPP ministers from the Punjab cabinet has been sent to the governor. Many a naysayer would predict that this is going to be a hiccup. After all, some of the more emotional jiyalas have been saying that they will contest the move in the courts, specially with reference to the laws against party defection applying to the Q League members. Insider reports, however, reveal that nothing of the sort is going to happen.
True, the PPP has made no

Back to the old system – Sifting through the diplomats

Diplomacy is one of the oldest forms of civil service. Though the French have contributed a considerable bit to diplomatic procedure, certain protocols and conventions of diplomacy had started much earlier. The don’t-shoot-the-messenger rule had started as a necessary reciprocal safety-valve for some of the more unsavory phases in international relations. States are not above harassing the employees of other states. The evolution of such conventions led to the Vienna Convention itself

Save Balochistan

What a petitioner told a three member bench of the Supreme Court should not be new to a common newspaper reader. There is a complete breakdown of law and order and no security of life in Balochistan, the largest province of the country. The increasing frequency of the incidents of torture and murder of political activists reported every other day has added a new dimension to forced disappearances which, according to the petitioner, have now reached the 5,000 figure. Targeted killings

Talking to Taliban

Taking a cue from the Belfast Agreement of 1998 which eventually led to the restoration of peace in Northern Ireland, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has expressed his government’s readiness to hold talks with the Pakistani Taliban decommissioning their weapons and surrendering themselves to authorities in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. But this offer will not be extended to the militants pursuing a “foreign agenda”.
Mr Gilani gave the policy statement in the National

Humayun Gauhar

“We, the people…”

“Listen America: You are agog. You don’t understand what’s going on. Why China has you by the throat. Why your neatly crafted world is unravelling. Why, why, why… It’s time to wake up, time to learn lessons. Time to pull your head out of the sand.
Consider the first three words of your Declaration of Independence – “We the people…” They apply not just to your people; they apply to all humanity. We too have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
“Why do

The Oman retreat

Where do you go to think seriously and bring sanity to a maddening situation? Far from the madding crowd to a peaceful Omani luxury resort of course. So that’s what the military leadership of the US and Pakistan did. The US side was a phalanx of Admirals and Generals; the Pakistan side was just the Chief of Army Staff with two subordinate staff officers. This should have removed any doubts that existed about exactly where the buck stops in Pakistan – not that there were such doubts.

Sarmad Bashir

On the warpath

The inevitable has happened. Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s last minute meeting with Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani failed to avert the crisis as the PML(N) finally announced splitting with the PPP in the Punjab because of the federal government’s reluctance to implement its 10-point reforms agenda. The decision coincided with the expiry of the 45-day deadline set by the PML (N).
The PPP might have been slow on the uptake but there had been some progress as far as