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Struck once again

When will the attacks on Hazaras end? For the past few decades, terrorism has struck Pakistan at its core sweeping away the blood of thousands of innocent civilians. Families have been destroyed

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

Preferential treatment

Pre-arrest bail means physical presence in court Ever since the accountability process came into the limelight, political point scoring as well as victimisation has been centre stage. Where some politicians profess the

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

Bailed out?

Why shouldn’t other convicts get the same relief? Ever since all hopes of relief from the Islamabad High Court failed, the PML-N launched a new campaign, actively highlighting the medical condition of

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

The real power

An offer which couldn’t be refused “I will make him an offer he can’t refuse,” is a dialogue by the famous Mafia boss, Vito Corleone, in the Mario Puzo novel, The Godfather.

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

The Indian tirade

Delhi must reevaluate it’s Kashmir strategy Terrorism in any form can never and should never be condoned. Any act of violence which results in the loss of life is deplorable and condemnable.

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

Qazi strikes again

Institutions and their mandates The very essence of democracy, the separation of powers, has always been an important yet controversial topic in Pakistan. Different state institutions have always encroached upon the domain

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

The dissent within

Questionable precedents Almost two years ago, Justice Mian Saqib Nisar donned the robes as the Chief Justice of Pakistan amidst the Panama leaks saga. Despite predictions of a soft stance, Justice Nisar

Mental health issues

Society at large needs to be educated in regards to depression For far too long, people in our society have silenced the talk of mental health. Depression and anxiety is not given

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

Tightening the noose

About time too?  In the recent times, Pakistan has progressed further in terms of accountability. Or selective accountability, as some would say. Corruption scandals including Ashiana Housing, Paragon and the infamous Panama