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Dear Imran

We are embroiled in a battle between our State and the System. The State must win My dear Imran: Well done. Congratulations. Not only did you and your party deserve this electoral

Humayun Gauhar

The Ritz Carlton Equation

The way out of our economic destruction is to apply the method of Muhammad Bin Salman “A penny for your thoughts,’ said Maverick. “You look deep in contemplation. What’s bugging you?” “Nothing

Humayun Gauhar

Growth Through Adversity

Lacking a magic potion, the way forward is to allow the natural political evolution to continue and reach its logical conclusion  I couldn’t write last Sunday because I was cogitating in Karachi,  where

Humayun Gauhar

Chewing the cud

‘A word of truth to tyrannical rulers’ I’m making reappearance after some time. It’s not that I had the much-vaunted ‘writer’s block.’ It’s because with so much going on in Pakistan and

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Crisis of Civilization

It is essentially a crisis of spiritualism caused by a misunderstanding of secularism Civilization is in distress. It is hurtling towards nihilism. Sounds alarming, but it is there for those with eyes and

Humayun Gauhar

Fire and Fury

Trump gets his knickers twisted in a tweet Old hat, but we should never forget that President Trump greeted Pakistan with a New Year’s tweet that even though America had ‘foolishly’ ‘given’

Humayun Gauhar

No More!

Pakistan should set its own conditions to “Do More” A Happy New Year to all of you. Here’s hoping that 2018 will prove to be better than 2017, though I wouldn’t bet

Humayun Gauhar

System Vs Pakistan

Why would beneficiaries of a system change it and endanger their benefits? When the system and their country cannot coexist a choice is forced to save what is dearer Don Sharif, Godfather

Humayun Gauhar

All that glitters

A second reserve currency of choice will put the US dollar under pressure   Overrated economists — technicians masquerading as designers really — helped destroy the global economy for hegemonic ends by

The butterfly effect

Now learn to differentiate between right and wrong Those who don’t believe in God the Almighty Creator should desist from reading this further for they will find that their time has been