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Slavery Everywhere

Slavery became peonage Slavery was ended in the United States in 1866, one year after the Thirteenth Amendment. But the states of Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, Florida, Tennessee and South

Humayun Gauhar

The Gun Slinger

Man has been pretty awful to other men When I say gunslinger, your mind would automatically go to the USA. It certainly comes across as the Number One gunslinger who is extremely

Humayun Gauhar

Life or Livelihood

The world’s reserve currency, political systems, behaviour, are all changing This is a terrible choice. Especially for a government. It is a choice before every government in the world and the answer

Humayun Gauhar

Made in Pakistan

The government should launch a campaign There is no way exaggerating it. Over my long life of 71 years, I have seen the world change. But I have never seen it change

Humayun Gauhar

What Justice?

 No longer do we want dictators in ‘democrats’ clothing As we all know, or should know, the cornerstone of justice is: all accused will be deemed to be innocent until proved to

Humayun Gauhar

Dear Imran

We are embroiled in a battle between our State and the System. The State must win My dear Imran: Well done. Congratulations. Not only did you and your party deserve this electoral