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Fallout of Trump’s speech

  The Trump administration is convinced after compelling intelligence reports that Pakistan is supporting Taliban militants, said Raza. He added that the same was said again and again by the Obama administration

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Winning Balochistan

For the PPP   Zardari delivered an aggressive speech on 27 March 2017, in which he stated that in the fifth year of this PML-N government he would do politics of agitation

What Pakistan gains from CPEC

The long and short of it   Beijing agreed to provide Pakistan with a $5.5b concessional loan to upgrade and modernise the Karachi-Lahore main railway line called ML-1   During a press

Hassan Naqvi

Game changer and foreign hands

Forward march only?   Ambassador Wajid added that since major portion of CPEC would run through Pakistan’s most troublesome province in an intermittent state of insurgency — Balochistan — its success would

Hassan Naqvi

Roadblocks in NACTA’s way

Disconnect amongst actors involved in implementation   There has been some progress in terms of inter-agency collaboration and we have also witnessed tougher posture towards radical elements   The National Action Plan