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Pak, US, India — friends or foe?

Standing together against terrorism US South Asia policy is an alarming indication of Pakistan’s foreign relations becoming weaker in the region. With Pakistan rejecting any blame for exporting terrorism, the US is

Back to square one

Implement or amend the security policy? Pakistan’s efforts to make any progress in the ‘war on terror’ are made futile every time there is another terrorist attack. Earlier this week, at least

Back to square one

Implement or amend the security policy? “Banking on the military to clear out sensitive areas is not enough,” said Javed. “The authorities must enforce Madrassah reforms, FATA reforms, and improving the criminal

One giant step (back) for Pakistan

Senate dismisses bill to increase minimum age for marriage It’s difficult to perceive a Pakistan where the fundamental rights of every individual are respected when one step forward towards a progressive state

‘To roar or not to roar’

Nawaz Sharif returns to stand up against judiciary   The Sharif family can always be counted on to present the nation with a new drama every season and Nawaz Sharif’s recent visit

(Don’t) keep your enemies closer

Pakistan’s weak counter-terrorism efforts urging for foreign policy reset China’s call for action against terrorist groups operating in Pakistan has been termed a ‘diplomatic breakthrough’; however, Pakistan considers this to be a

Battleground Punjab

Election edition — winner takes it all The PTI leader said the release of PPP members Dr Asim and Sharjeel Memon, despite corruption charges, indicates that the government turned a blind eye

Regulating the breeding grounds

Madrasah reforms to eliminate terrorism from its roots Madrasahs in Pakistan have been responsible for spreading the virus of terrorism as militant groups manipulate religion according to their extremist agenda. Under the

Time for Afghan refugees to leave

Pak-Afghan governments must ensure a safe journey back home The authorities concerned must cover the costs of repatriation and ensure rehabilitation by providing job opportunities, socio-economic development, and stability in the region

More time for military courts

Or reform the criminal justice system? The government must implement the quantifiable steps needed to ensure real progress in strengthening the criminal justice system by addressing the issues of long trials and

Who is shamed when heroes die?

Ensuring the safety of those who save others Pakistan’s war on militancy has been going on for over a decade, but one of the most important departments lacks funding to function efficiently

‘Half measures’

Terrorism keeps coming back Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reiterated his government’s resolve to counter terrorists as he authorised the army to “eliminate the enemy wherever they are.” Pakistan, once again, experienced a