Govt vows to protect national interests amid misinformation on China ties

Federal Minister for Planning Ahsan Iqbal has condemned a recent misinformation campaign allegedly orchestrated by a political party aimed at undermining Pakistan-China relations.

During a press conference in Lahore on Wednesday, Iqbal highlighted the misuse of social media to harass critics and manipulate public opinion regarding the bilateral ties.

The minister accused the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), along with other political entities, of attempting to destabilize the country’s diplomatic engagements. “Our government will not tolerate any actions that compromise state institutions or jeopardize national stability,” he asserted.

Iqbal also announced exciting developments in Pakistan-China cooperation, particularly in the space sector, where China is set to play a significant role in elevating Pakistan’s space program. He reassured that these advancements are a result of direct negotiations between the two governments, dismissing any influence of misleading publications on policy decisions.

Moreover, Iqbal referenced statements from the Chinese President, emphasizing China’s interest in deepening strategic relations with Pakistan. He refuted claims of any deterioration in ties, labeling such allegations as enemy propaganda.

The press event also included remarks from Barrister Aqeel Malik, the federal government’s spokesperson on legal affairs, who criticised PTI’s actions on international platforms. Malik accused PTI of engaging in anti-state activities and employing lobbyists to push anti-Pakistan legislation abroad, actions he deemed unprecedented.

He called for the PTI to cease these activities and engage in constructive dialogue with the government.

Malik’s comments underscored a broader concern about the potential damage such campaigns could inflict on Pakistan’s international relations, particularly with long-standing allies like China.


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