Salman Khan lauds Shahzaib Rindh’s performance after defeating India in Karate Combat 45

Salman Khan, the renowned Bollywood superstar often hailed as the Tiger of Bollywood, extended his congratulations to Shahzaib Rindh of Pakistan following his triumph over India’s Rana Singh in the final round of Karate Combat 45.

Salman Khan graced the event with his presence, witnessing the highly anticipated showdown between Pakistan and India.

After the intense battle concluded, Salman engaged in a jovial exchange with Shahzaib, quipping, “Great fight. Do you knock out everywhere in 20, 20 seconds?” The light-hearted banter elicited laughter from both parties.

Following their conversation, Shahzaib introduced Salman to his brother, who captured the memorable moment as they posed together for a photograph.

“@beingsalmankhan it was an honour to fight in-front of you boss watching you since childhood. Love you bhaijan ❤️ Thank you bro @abdu_rozik you are such a good person@basitrind5,” Shahzaib posted on his Instagram account.


The pivotal moment of the high-stakes battle occurred in the final round, following victories by Pakistan’s Rizwan Ali and India’s Himanshu Kaushik in the first and second matches, respectively.

The event commenced with Pakistan’s Rizwan Ali facing off against India’s Pawan Gupta in the opening round. Rizwan showcased his dominance by swiftly defeating Gupta, who found himself on the mat after succumbing to a knockout in the first round.


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