VIDEO: Up until 2017 Shahid Afridi did not know what LBW stands for

Shahid Afridi is having a terrible week. He has been on the receiving end of some very harsh and unwarranted criticism on social media from PTI supporters for comments he made regarding the current political situation in the country.

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They say the internet never forgets and this inconvenient truth spells more trouble for Afridi. A video from 2017 has resurfaced where the former Pakistan Cricket team captain is doing a challenge on a talk show where he as to guess what the host is saying while wearing headphones with loud music so as not be able to hear what is being said.

The phrase to guess is Leg Before Wicket (LBW), a very common used term that Afridi should supposedly know. After all, he being an all rounder he has not only taken several wickets by LBW but has gotten out himself many times in the same manner as well.

While he gets the first two words, Leg and before, he is unable to guess wicket, which would be the obvious guess.

After several failed attempts he take off the headphones and the hosts tell him it is wicket to which Afridi replies, “what is leg before wicket? There is no such term in cricket. It’s only hit wicket”.

Watch the video here:

Following the exchange, the mood in the recording studio turned from humorous to cringy as the audience realised Afridi is not joking. He really does not know what LBW stands for.


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