Intellect battle

Artificial intelligence, encom­passing the knowledge and skills related to computers, ma­chines, robots, and smartphones, often sparks debates about its superiority over human intelligence. As a biologist with postgraduate experience, I emphasise that challenging the intricacies of Allah’s creation, human intelligence, is no small feat. Despite creating ar­tificial intelligence, humans are still uncovering the complexity, speed, and techniques of their own intelligence.

Proof 1: Survival: Humans, the most evolved species on Earth, have adapted and evolved across diverse regions, contributing to increased biodiversity and environmental conditions. Numerous articles and academic records at­test to human evolution, such as Martin H. Truth’s work in Quaternary Science Reviews (November 2010). Human mobility and adaptability surpass artificial intelligence systems, which struggle to survive in various environments. Artificial intelligence cannot compete with the intricate nervous system of the animal brain (Reference: “A Critique of Pure Learning and What Artificial Neural Networks Can Learn from Animal Brains” by Anthony M. Zador, Nature Communications, 2019).

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Proof 2: Problem Solving: The speed at which machines solve problems in seconds is a testament to human intelligence and the development of computers. Contrary to the misconception that machines are already smart­er than humans, they are heavily dependent on human brains. Ma­chines, susceptible to errors, re­quire charging systems and lack the adaptability and survivability of humans in different temperatures and atmospheres (Time Magazine, September 29, 2017).

In essence, these basic arguments, supported by evidence, underscore the superiority of human intelligence over computers and machines. Despite the advancements in artificial intelligence, history proves that the success in the world, including the development of artificial intelligence, is a result of human ingenuity.



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