PTI denounces inclusion of sedition clauses in cases against Imran

  • Urges SC to order a probe into May 9 events to expose real perpetrators

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson strongly reacted to the inclusion of new clauses including the charge of ‘criminal conspiracy’ and sedition into all May 9 cases against PTI Chairman Imran Khan, saying it seemed a well-thought-out scheme to minus Khan and PTI from politics.

The PTI spokesperson categorically rejected all allegations leveled against the party workers and leaders including the PTI Chairman.

He said that the adding of further clauses in the May 9 case provided further evidence that the perpetrators were acting well beyond the domains of constitution and rule of law. “This is in spite of the fact that, on the day of the incident, Khan was in the custody of NAB and completely cut off from the world outside,” he added.

PTI spokesperson stated that adding further clauses in a whimsical manner will not help the cause of justice, adding that the controversy surrounding the incident of May 9 can come to rest only if it is thoroughly probed by a high-powered judicial commission leading to the guilty dealt with in accordance with the law of the land.

“Every other route will further perpetuate the impression that it is a false, fabricated, pre-meditated and pre-orchestrated trial solely meant to punish PTI Chairman for alleged crimes he had absolutely nothing to do with,” he added.

PTI spokesperson went on to say that imposing serious charges like incitement to rebellion on the leader and workers of the country’s largest party was the worst attempt to target the party of the extrajudicial revenge and actions.

PTI spokesperson stated that the ongoing illegal actions against PTI under the guise of May 9 were clearly indicating the nefarious intention to minus Khan and PTI from politics, adding that over 180 fake and fabricated cases were registered against PTI Chairman under a well-thought-out plan despite the fact he strongly condemned the arson incidents of May 9 while standing in the Supreme Court, which was also made part by the top court in its decision.

He stated that PTI Chairman demanded a high-level judicial inquiry into the May 9 incidents but no progress has been made till date.

PTI spokesperson noted that the addition of new provisions in the May 9 cases was an attempt to protect the real culprits involved in these incidents.

He demanded that the apex court should take notice of the inclusion of serious clauses like sedition in politically motivated cases against PTI, insisting that actions should be taken against the police officers involved in this criminal use of the law, including other prosecution authorities.

PTI Spokesperson said that a high-level judicial investigation should be conducted in the light of PTI Chairman’s demand to determine the real characters of the May 9 incidents.



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