AEMEND expressed concerns over unofficial media in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Association of Electronic Media Editors and News Directors (AEMEND) on Wednesday expressed concern over unofficial censorship, disappearance of journalists, and unwarranted government interference in the Pakistani media operations.

According to the details, AEMEND expressed deep concerns over unofficial censorship, the disappearance of journalists, and unwarranted government interference in media operations in Pakistan and demanded Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, as the Chief Executive, to fulfill his responsibilities.

Yesterday, AEMEND’s executive committee held an emergency meeting to assess the challenges facing Pakistani media, particularly TV channels.

According to the committee’s statement, EMND members stated that the government has imposed unofficial censorship, depriving the public of their right to information and exerting undue pressure for one-sided coverage.

The statement mentioned that independent and unbiased journalism and informing the public about the facts is not became a difficult job. Journalists should neither become political tools nor prove themselves to be a political worker.

The statements and work of some Journalists, anchors and media workers cannot be considered as journalism in any way, however, no citizen, whether a journalist or a political worker, can support their forced disappearances, nor can they remain silent on it.

The committee members urged that the current Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM’s) government had expressed its commitment to ensure the freedom of press during the opposition era, therefore, the practical efforts should be establish as they promised.

AEMEND’s executive committee has also approved the establishment of contacts and consultations for practical efforts. A joint committee will be formed after meetings with media stakeholders, which will inform the federal government and opposition leaders – including the PM – about the situation.

AEMEND’s executive committee, while demanding PM Shahbaz Sharif – as the Chief Executive, to fulfill his responsibilities by contacting media stakeholders to improve the situation.


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