May 9: LHC seeks report of identity parade completion of held suspects

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court has demanded a report of the completion of the identification parade of the suspects arrested in the May 9 incidents.

The court was hearing the petition of a woman for the recovery of her son.

Justice Anwarul Haq Pannu said a peaceful protest is everyone’s right, adding the court was not in favour of whatever happened on May 9. This problem cannot be solved with force, he added.

Justice Pannu was hearing the petition of Kulsoom Arshad. The DIG submitted a report on the recovery of the petitioner’s son, Shoaib Arshad.

The suspect was caught by the police and sent to jail for identification parade after the permission of the magistrate, the DIG said.

On being asked about the number of suspects sent to jail for identification parade, DIG Adil said 427, while more than 900 have been sent for identification parade so far.

The judge then asked how many police stations the cases of May 9 incidents were registered in. The DIG responded that 54 police stations.

He further told the court that the arrests were made through geo-fencing, CCTV footage, and social media.

He also said the results of the identification parade of suspects have revealed a positive match for 80% of those arrested.

The court then asked what will happen to those 20% who have not been matched. The DIG said if they are innocent, their cases will be dismissed.

The violent incidents took place from May 9 to 14, the DIG told the court.


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