PTI’s Ayub says ICT Police ‘stole’ vehicle during raid on his home

ISLAMABAD: Newly-appointed secretary general of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Omar Ayub on Sunday accused the Islamabad police of taking away his vehicle during a raid on his residence.

In a tweet, the former federal minister claimed that cops from Islamabad’s Shalimar police station raided his house at around 12:30am without a search warrant and “stole” his parked Toyota Hilux Twin Cabin Model 2011.

“[The[ Islamabad police [are] indulging in illegal searches and now vehicle thefts,” he added.

“Members of the judiciary, civil servants and diplomats should take care of their vehicles as the police [have] resorted to stealing vehicles to top up their salaries in these super high inflationary times!!,” he continued.

Ayub also pondered where was he supposed to have a case registered for his stolen vehicle as the police themselves were allegedly involved in the act.

“Do I ask the thieves to catch the thieves?”, he raised the question.

Ayub was appointed the PTI’s secretary general after Asad Umar stepped down from the post on Wednesday.

“This is a great honour and I shall endeavour to work incessantly for Pakistan and PTI. I will try my utmost to come up to the expectations of the chairman and our PTI members,” Ayub had tweeted back then.

In a related development, former adviser to the prime minister on interior and Accountability Mirza Shahzad Akbar also claimed that the law enforcement agencies had raided his Islamabad residence and taken away his brother.

“Everyone knows I am not in country but Rangers and police (25-30 armed) .. attacked my house in Islamabad at 1am, broke doors and kidnapped my younger brother,” he tweeted.

Earlier, PTI sources said police had raided the residences of Malik Wajid, Haji Shaukat Ali, Arbab Sher Ali, Murad Saeed, and Ayesha Bano.

On May 9, PTI chairman and deposed premier Imran Khan was arrested from the premises of the Islamabad High Court by dozens of Rangers personnel in connection with a corruption case, triggering countrywide protests.





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