Capital’s pavements

This is with reference to the report “CDA chief summoned to explain cracks in Islamabad’s newly-built Margalla Avenue” (Metro-North, May 4), which, among other things, highlighted the remarks of Wajiha Qamar, a member of National Assembly (MNA), asking the chairman of Capital Development Authority (CDA) to explain the increase in encroachments across Islamabad, especially in the capital’s markets.

After her observations, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) wondered why seating arrangements in front of restaurants are removed only to reappear a few days later on sidewalks, blocking public access areas.

As a senior citizen, I greatly appreciate the MNA and the committee for taking up an issue that affects the life of the citizens on a routine basis. She is absolutely right that chairs and tables in front of eateries, once removed, reappear in a matter of days and block the pavements, forcing senior citizens, women and children to walk on busy roads.

The whole activity no doubt takes place in connivance with the staff of CDA and other civic agencies. This has been going on for years and the citizens seem to be helpless against the culprits.

Hopefully, now that the PAC and members have taken up the issue, they will also ensure the enforcement of the relevant law so that pavements across Islamabad may finally be used for the purpose for which they were initially planned and built. They were, and are, meant for pedestrians, and not for conducting any commercial activity.



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