The conscience of the world is asleep

The latest Israeli attack on the Al-Aqsa mosque is ignored by the world the way Indian atrocieties in Kashmir are

International Day of Conscience is celebrated every April5 around the world and this year it was also celebrated with great enthusiasm. On the one hand, the celebrations of international conscience were being held and on the other hand, the Zionist forces were brutally attacking the Al-Aqsa Mosque. In the Al-Qibli mosque, the worshippers were being subjected to torture, stun grenades were being fired at the fasting people sitting in the prayer hall but the world conscience kept sleeping with its ears covered. No one tried to wake up from the sleep of unconsciousness, nor has anyone raised a voice against Israeli atrocities. The alleged global consciousness has slept in such a deep sleep of indifference that it is not waking up.

What else will happen to the indifference of the world that barbaric atrocities are being committed in Syria, Palestine and Kashmir? Thousands of people are being killed, children are being buried alive and the hands of barbarians are reaching towards the honour of mothers and sisters. This dense game of fire and blood is being played continuously, but there is no one to stop the hands of cruelty, as the world remains a silent spectator. On one side, verbal condemnation is being made and on the other side is being supported, the result of which is that the morale of the oppressors has increased and the cruelty is increasing instead of decreasing.

It has become obvious to all that the policy of the world powers and institutions is different for the Muslims around the world than for the West. If we look at the role of the United Nations, its actions also prove that there is no policy towards Muslims or may suggest that it has adopted a double standard for Muslims around the world while the rights of the people of the West are completely protected.

On the one hand, the United Nations is working on a duplicitous policy for Muslims, on the other hand, the OIC is not playing its effective role. The rulers of the Muslim world will have to make a systematic plan to fight the war of their rights and make the world realize their rights. The people of the West will never be sincere in solving the problems of Muslims because their interests are connected with the problems of the Muslims and they will never want the Muslims to get rid of the slavery.

The international human rights organizations, including the United Nations, should be awakened and the United Nations should immediately stop the increasing atrocities on Palestinians and Kashmiris. The OIC also has to be mobilized in this regard. 

There is no doubt that the people of the West are trying to strengthen their grip on the Muslims while the Muslims are struggling to get rid of their slavery. On the one hand, extreme cruelty is being inflicted on the Muslims of Syria and Palestine and on the other hand, atrocities are being committed day in and day out in Occupied Kashmir. People are shocked to see the brutality with which Kashmiris are being killed but the Kashmiris have been suffering from state terrorism for a long time. The silence of international human rights organizations and the United Nations on the slaughter of Kashmiris is momentous. How long will these nominal international human rights organizations and international institutions continue to be silent spectators and watch the atrocities being committed on Muslims? They can continue to show indifference to the atrocities on Muslims as much as they want, but they will have to do something to maintain their reputation.

No religion in the world allows human beings to be treated the way Palestinians and Kashmiris are being treated. On the one hand, they are being deprived of their right to self-determination and on the other hand, human values are being trampled by shedding their blood. These heinous acts are being repeated again and again; Israel and India are openly violating human rights and the world powers are supporting them instead of stopping them.

Their own people have also protested many times but instead of listening to this, the world conscience is being kept asleep. Are the United Nations and international human rights organizations blindfolded and crying in the ears? No attention is being paid to the calls of innocent Palestinians and Kashmiris, nor are steps being taken to stop the atrocities committed against them. The increase in atrocities committed in Palestine and Occupied Kashmir is not enough to be condemned.

The international human rights organizations, including the United Nations, should be awakened and the United Nations should immediately stop the increasing atrocities on Palestine and Kashmiris. The OIC also has to be mobilized in this regard. Until the Muslim ummah unites and plays an effective role, the conscience of the world will not be awakened, nor will the ongoing persecution of the oppressed Muslims be stopped.

Attiya Munawer
Attiya Munawer
The writer tweets @AttiyaMunawer


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