Tailors, designers working extra hour to cope with demands ahead of Eid

ISLAMABAD: As the month of Ramazan nears to end, many seasonal tailors and renowned designers in the country are working extra hours and are busy making dresses for ladies, gents, youths, boys and girls for delivering their dresses before Eid day.

The majority of the tailors claimed that they have been receiving approximately double orders as compared to normal days as customers have been forced to continue booking new orders even till the last few days, a report aired by a private news channel said.

A tailor said enthusiastic women don’t like waiting rather, they want their clothes by yesterday, adding, we are working overtime to meet the surge in orders ahead of Eid ul Fitr.

Some of the owners of tailoring shops said that they would not like to take the order anymore after 22nd or 23rd day of Ramazan.

The tailors said they are passing a busy time in taking the order and supplying delivery ahead of Eid.

The customers are coming to make their various types of dresses like shirts, pants, shalwar kameez, pajamas, three-piece, two-piece etc, they added.

A designer said our tailoring house has a speciality in making dresses for women. We also stitch clothes for men and children. We do not compromise on quality, he added.
Some customers, who were running late with their wardrobe plans said they had been turned away by a couple of tailors because they were fully booked.

A worker in a designer’s house said that the charges for stitching have also been increased because of Eid as they have to put in extra effort during this time.

“The business was always good. In fact, this was the only time we make some profit compared to other months,” said another tailor at his crowded shop. “I am already overburdened with Eid orders and I cannot handle any more orders, a tailor denied for taking order in his shop”, he added.


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