Let justice prevail

This refers to the editorial “‘Seditious’ utterances” (Feb 15), which has expressed concerns over indiscriminate use of sedition charges by the government against its opponents, arguing that the utterances by a former finance minister, if proved true, were inappropriate but not seditious.
It is true that persecuting political rivals has a long and pathetic history in Pakistan, and this is one of the reasons for political instability. This is an unending game of revenge and counter-revenge that should stop.
However, there must be exceptions and we must differentiate between political victimisation and the crimes committed against the people. The main opposition party, which was ousted through legal and parliamentary vote of confidence, has since indulged in a maligning campaign.
This problem has grown to such an extent that it has pushed the country towards a destructive path of instability, international isolation, and economic and political crises.
The United States was accused of ‘regime change’ without any proof, and it has now been given a clean chit by the same accusers. Our time-tested friends, including the likes of China and Saudi Arabia, have their own reasons to express displeasure.
The former finance minister was, to my ears, subversive in his approach during the conversation in question, which, by the way, he has never actually denied.
When a former minister speaks, his words are taken seriously and he not only presented Pakistani economy in fragile condition, but went on to advise two provincial governments to withhold surplus funds to sabotage the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme.
The millions of people who are today finding it hard to put two or even one square meal on the table for their families are facing the circumstances partly because of such utterances.
There is no doubt that successive governments have had their fair share in bringing the economy to the current critical stage, but none has been more destabilising than the current oposition. If such tendencies are allowed to prosper, everyone and anyone would spread toxicity and suffocate the state which is passing through a critical phase. It is in the national interest to let justice prevail.

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