Raja blames PCB for ‘banning’ him as cricket commentator

LAHORE: Ramiz Raja has revealed that the new PCB regime under Najam Sethi had banned him and was forcing him to apologise for his recent statements against the new Management Committee, in order to allow him into the commentary panel of HBL Pakistan Super League.

In a question and answer session with fans on his YouTube channel, a fan asked Raja whether he will be doing commentary in HBL PSL 8.

“They want me to apologise to them first and give an application for commentary, then they will review it. Do you think I will do that? ” Raja replied.

Raja, after his ouster from PCB, had said that political interference in cricket is not justified and was not happy with his removal from the top post.

“There should be no political interference in cricket. The government of Pakistan removed a Test cricketer from chairmanship of PCB just to accommodate Najam Sethi. This is a highly disrespectful way of treating your cricketers,” said Raja.

“This Najam Sethi is tweeting 2:15am at night that Ramiz Raja has been sacked, start congratulating me. I have played Test cricket, this is my field, and it hurts to see these people from outside cricket trying to act like a Messiah. I know that their motives are non-cricketing. These people are here for the limelight,” the former player further added.


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