Balochistan rocked by startling 4.3 magnitude earthquake

QUETTA: Residents in the Lasbela region of Balochistan were taken aback on Thursday morning as the area was struck by a powerful 4.3 magnitude earthquake. The tremors were also felt in Lasbela and neighbouring areas, causing many people to evacuate their homes.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), the earthquake had a depth of 41 km and its epicentre was located 56 km northeast of Bela. With a longitude of 66.67 East and a latitude of 26.67 North, the quake occurred at 8:44 am.

Fortunately, there were no immediate reports of casualties.

It’s worth noting that this wasn’t the first seismic disturbance to rock the region recently. On January 29, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake shook parts of Islamabad.

The PMD’s National Seismic Monitoring Centre recorded a depth of 150 km, with the epicentre in Tajikistan. However, the US Geological Survey reported the magnitude as 4.4, with a depth of 32.4 km. The shakes were described by locals as “very strong.”


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