Massive anti-India protest demos held across Britain

LONDON: Massive protest demonstrations were held across Britain, marking India’s so-called Republic Day as Black Day.

Kashmiris, members of Sikh community, and their allies participated in the protest demos, pressing the UK government to intervene and halt the ongoing genocide in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

The demonstrations were held outside the Indian High Commission in London and Indian Consulate in Birmingham.

Raising slogans against the draconian laws, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act UAPA and Public Safety Act (PSA), the protesters said such laws reflect the colonial mindset of the Indian rulers.

“The black laws like the UAPA have no place in the modern and enlightened era that is the 21st century,” said Fahim Kayani, leader of Tehreek-e-Kashmir, UK. “India has been a misleading member of the comity of nations and has exploited west’s so-called war on terror to suppress the Kashmiris and other communities, especially Sikh members,” he added.

Pointing out India’s blatant misuse of its colonial laws, the demonstrators said: “If speaking for one’s rights is terrorism, then India’s Gandhi was the terrorist of the century.”

“Fascist Indian regime labelling Dr Asif Dar, a renowned physician, as ‘terrorist’ is nothing but a move aimed at scaring Kashmiris who live in diaspora,” Kayani said. He said Dr Dar speaks against the illegal Indian occupation of Kashmir and is an ardent supporter of non-violent resistance movement to end illegal Indian occupation in Kashmir.

“The Indian illegal move against Dr Asif Dar is basically an expression of the long arm of the Indian state which is going after Kashmiris around the world. No civilized nation can ever think of following people in other nations… Such steps by the Indian regime are a slap on the international community as India has overstepped its mandate as a member of the comity of nations,” Kayani said.

Addressing the demonstrations, the Sikh leader Ranjit Singh Srai condemned India’s holding of Republic Day celebrations.

“This day in 1950 when Indian state adopted its Constitution basically legitimized its theft of the right to self-determination from the people of Punjab and Kashmir,” Srai said

He said that all the communities resisting Indian occupation of their lands should unite in action and force the international community to hold India accountable.

“For any success, grass roots momentum is needed in western nations especially Europe where the local governments must be informed of vile acts of Indian state i.e. colonial policies like in Kashmir and the Punjab,” he said.


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