Writing as meditation

Writing helps one think critically and pay attention to the present moment. When you write with a pen, as opposed to typing, more body systems are involved and, therefore, your ability to focus improves phenomenally.

Writing is a slow process, which often makes it preferable to typing. Rough drafts pop up in our minds all the time, but when you write with a pen, you have to hold on to a thought for a longer time than when you are typing it. This makes writing a more composed and mature process. We all know that not every thought is worth pursuing and it is hand-writing that can be a preliminary filter for better, worth-spreading thoughts.

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Writing engages more body systems than does typing. When you write a sentence, your hand appreciates the structure of each alphabet. For writing ‘cat’, you have to draw the half-circle of ‘c’ and acknowledge its structural differen-ces from ‘a’ and ‘t’. But when you type ‘cat’, all you need from your hand is to perform a monotonous activity of pressing on the keyboard ‘c’, ‘a’ and ‘t’. In other words, writing entails more attentional and muscular investment than typing.

Keeping these aspects in mind, I have started focussed pen writing (FPW) activities and would like to encourage others to do the same. During FPW sessions lasting 30 minutes, one has to avoid using mobile or the internet. Away from the startle of getting notifications, FPW has the potential to become a meditation session when you are so engrossed in the present moment that you forget the world around you.

Likewise, FPW allows you to appreciate the power and serenity of being quiet. The amount of useless talk we often engage in on a daily basis is mindboggling. Talking, although faster than writing, is often a waste of time and mind. When you are comfortable in the company of people enjoying silence during FPW sessions, a different kind of bond is formed where the act of speaking becomes redundant. It is a wonderful sensation to have in life.



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