LHC rejects petition against selling of embassy building in US

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) has turned down a petition against selling of the Pakistani embassy building in the United States (US).

The petition was moved by a resident named Asmatullah Khan through his lawyer Rana Sikandar advocate.

The TLTP learnt that LHC Justice Ali Zia Bajwa upheld the objections raised by the registrar’s office and termed it inadmissible for hearing.

The court in its ruling said that the plaintiff is the aggrieved party in the case. The plea was turned down by the LHC against selling the Pakistani embassy building in the US.

Pakistan has decided to sell its old embassy building located in the United States (US). The Foreign Office has given nod to the Pakistani embassy in Washington to sell its old building, which was lying vacant for the last 15 years.

The building located at the prime location of Washington is worth $5 to 6 million dollars, the sources familiar with the development said and added that the building is being sold due to the ‘crunch’ economic situation of Pakistan.

Earlier it emerged, the Foreign Affairs Division moved to the cabinet the case of two old Chancery buildings, located on 2201 R Street and 2315 Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, which have been lying vacant since the Pakistan Embassy there was relocated to a purpose-built Chancery Building in April 2003.


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